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CatSci provides customised chemistry R&D services to all the major chemical research, development and manufacturing industries, including agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, flavours & fragrances, and fine chemicals.

Our expert screening, custom synthesis and process development services fall into five categories, each of which is described below.  An overview of the breadth of our activities can be found here


Rapid Catalyst Screening [RCS]

This is aimed at enabling med chem or early development offers proof of principle for biotransformations, with results delivered in three days.  

A factsheet can be found here.


Rapid Reaction Development [RRD]

For scale-up or proof-of-concept studies, we are able to develop reactions efficiently and effectively, with experimental outcomes provided in 7-10 days.  

A factsheet can be found here.


Custom Synthesis [Synth]

Our recently launched synthesis offering provides up to 100s g material for robust proof-of-concept or rapid supply, supported by a full tech package which puts you in good shape for future manufacturing needs.   

A factsheet can be found here.


Structural, Targeted and Rational Experimental Designs [STaR]

Focused development of reactions, especially challenging transformations, using our in-house STaR methodology, with results delivered in 20 days.  

A factsheet can be found here.


Process Optimisation [DoE]

Full reaction and process optimisation exploiting the breadth of our advanced expermental design techniques, with intiial results available in 25 days.  

A factsheet can be found here.


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