Process Development


Across the board of directors we have over 80 years of process research and development experience for high value manufacture of pharmaceuticals from discovery chemistry through to commercial manufacture.  Our business model allows us to initiate projects rapidly and an we are happy to work in partnerships to assist with process development and optimisation prior to any manufacturing campaign. We can work directly with the client or in a 3 way partnership with the CMO.


We utilise statistical tools heavily, including Design of Experiments (DoE), to investigate likely important parameters for the chemical reaction in question and we specialise in the  optimisation of problematic reactions. All projects are tailor-made in direct response to the client's needs, and rigorously project-managed via milestones.


We actively seek opportunities to add value, for example to:

  • optimise manufacturing process for scale-up
  • maximise current conversion and yield
  • decrease and/or control impurity formation
  • reduce waste
  • minimise cost


Case studies that demonstrate the CatScI approach in action can be found here.

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