Metal Removal


The removal of residual metal from a process solution or waste stream utilises a screening approach that is based on our knowledge of the commercially available scavengers that are:

  • the most useful for the metal in question;
  • also compatible with the process conditions, e.g. solvent.


We typically screen a selection of 20 scavengers, monitoring the profile of metal removal against time using ICP-OES analysis of the remaining solution to optimise sequestration.


As is the case with our development of catalysed reactions, so too is our scavenger selection unbiased and we assess commercially available products from many suppliers in parallel to provide the most efficient, thorough and cost effective metal removal solution for a given process. We also ensure that the analytical methodology is tailored to the project requirements, monitor any non-specific adsorption and leaching, and robust methods are generated for transfer to the client.


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