CatSci Ltd was founded in December 2010 to be an expert service provider for the understanding, development and optimisation of chemical reactions and processes.  In April 2011, following the re-organisation of R&D within AstraZeneca and the resultant closure of the research laboratories at Avlon, CatSci purchased 16 tonnes of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment to set-up their world-class facility in Cardiff. This design of this facility was based on the extremely successful AstraZeneca Catalyst Screening Facility at Avlon which demonstrated time and again beneficial impact in drug development projects over its five years of beneficial operation.


The co-founders of CatSci had a combined experience of process research and development in big pharma of over half a century, from supporting discovery chemistry through to commercial manufacture. CatSci was founded as an independent SME to bring the benefits of their knowledge and experience to the commercial marketplace.


Nowadays, CatSci Ltd is an expert chemistry CRO and custom synthesis company specialising in the screening, development, optimisation and scale-up of all sorts of complex chemical processes, including (but not exclusively) the new and improved use of homogeneous and heterogeneous metal catalysis and biocatalysis.


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