Collaboration with Aesica


CatScI has recently concluded TSB/Innovate UK project valued at £200,000.  The collaboration was led by Aesica, a UK-based global pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organisation, and the consortium included three other partners including CatScI. The grant was designed to research and develop sustainable high-value chemical manufacturing through the application of industrial biotechnology to the manufacture of an API.  Using bio-catalytic processes in the production of high-value chemicals forms part of an initiative to assist the chemicals industry in the shift away from dependency on fossil fuels towards a bio-economy based on renewable and biological compounds.


CatScI performed the major role of delivering the proof of concept studies.  For this, we tested nearly 70 enzymes (i.e. bio-catalysts) for desired activity against several potential substrates. Having identified a short-list of preferred enzymes with good to excellent results, CatScI also then contributed to initial development work in preparation for the scale-up of the process to take into pilot manufacture.


In summary, CatScI delivered proof of concept of a new bio-catalytic route for an API within the 9 months of the project. Further funding is being sought to take this forward to full industrial scale. CatScI is interested in partnering with other organisations for further opportunities in developing novel and sustainable industrial bio-catalysis manufacturing processes.


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