For proof-of-principle studies in med chem or early development, for example, evaluating keto-reductions or transaminase chemistries, we offer Rapid Catalyst Screening, our RCS package.


For scale-up or proof-of-concept studies to develop any reaction efficiently and effectively we offer Rapid Reaction Development, our RRD package.


In collaboration with the world-leading expert, Prof. Andy Wells, CatSciI offers cutting-edge bio-catalysis services, including:

  • feasibility studies on the incorporation of bio-catalysis into chemical processes (new route development)
  • screening of commercial enzymes to prove a transformation
  • find alternative (novel) bio-catalysts to reduce cost and/or avoid IP constraints
  • optimisation of co-factor recycling reactions
  • bio-catalysis combined with metal (chemo)-catalysis, especially for de-racemisation or DKR strategies
  • solvent selection, reaction development, identification and understanding of key parameters, and optimisation for scale-up (process development)
  • consultancy on feasibility studies, scale-up and regulatory issues
  • advice on enzyme selection, sourcing, modification, immobilisation and suppliers


Applications include synthesis of chiral molecules, notably acids, alcohols, amines, amides, amino acids, esters, hydantions and sulfoxides; selective manipulation of sensitive functional groups and molecules; “green synthesis” including use of bio-mass and bio-renewables; separation of mixtures and metabolite screening.


We have all major enzyme classes available, including hydrolases, ketone reductases, alcohol dehydrogenases, oxidases, lyases, aldolases, w-transaminases, and enzymes for more minor applications including BVMO, ene-reductases and nitrile group manipulation. We use only commercial sources which assures the client of availability on scale. 

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