Why CatSci?


Our name, not surprisingly, derives from Catalyst Science, reflecting the origins of the company.  The 'I' in our logo is capitalised to represent the importance of 'Innovation'  to us and our customers.  That's why in addition to our portfolio of services, we undertake research activities and collaborations that are focused on ensuring that the business retains and enhances its scientific excellence and differential technical capabilities.


Nowadays, CatSci Ltd is an expert chemistry CRO and custom synthesis company specialising in the screening, development, optimisation and scale-up of all sorts of complex chemical processes, including (but not exclusively) the new and improved use of homogeneous and heterogeneous metal catalysis and biocatalysis. 


Nonetheless, our history will not be forgotten and our very first factsheet, describing our original approach to transition metal catalysis - Excellence in Transition Metal Catalysis - is still available here.


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