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CatSci is a process chemistry CRO delivering customised R&D services in Applied Catalysis, Chemical Development and Custom Synthesis & Material Supply. With experience in a wide range of often challenging chemistry, CatSci is able to meet the technical demands of process research and development. This includes reaction trouble-shooting, new route design and assessment, and process optimisation and scale-up for manufacturing. Our ways of working support the timely evolution of the chemical development package. Non-GMP material supply from milligrams to hundreds of grams is conveniently carried out in our laboratory. For larger quantities and/or GMP manufacture, we are able to work with our trusted partners or your preferred supplier.


We are now recruiting PhD/post-doc chemists and experienced process development scientists!  Please contact us if you would like to become part of the team that is dedicated to delighting our customers! #TheCatSciWay


Agrochemicals • Fine Chemicals • Flavours & Fragrances • Pharmaceuticals

  • MBraun MB200B Glove-box MBraun MB200B Glove-box
    custom-built to house our unique automated workflow
  • Mettler FlexiWeigh Mettler Toledo FlexiWeigh
    a weighing station designed to dose solids accurately and rapidly
  • Mettler MiniMapper Mettler Toledo MiniMapper
    reaction station where our reaction designs are tested experimentally
  • CatSci Laboratory CatSci Laboratory
    a state-of-the-art research environment
  • CatSci Ltd CatSci Ltd
    expertise in catalysed reactions and other complex chemical processes

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