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CatScI Ltd specialises in the rational understanding, development, optimisation and scale up of catalysed reactions and other complex chemical processes, including the new and improved use of homogeneous and heterogeneous metal catalysis and of biocatalysis. Now proudly in partnership with SAFC® Commercial, CatScI offers a unique portfolio of expert chemistry R&D services.

Enzyme screening • New opportunities for biocatalysis

Challenging, emerging and enantioselective homogeneous catalysis

Ligand selection and substitution • PGM and base metals

Heterogeneous catalyst selection and testing

Reaction understanding • Solvent selection

Process development, optimisation and scale-up

Metal recycle, removal & recovery

With extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide range of challenging chemistry from discovery through to full scale manufacturing, CatScI serves the breadth of chemical research, development and manufacturing industries.

Agrochemicals  •  Fine Chemicals

Flavours & Fragrances  •  Pharmaceuticals


  • MBraun MB200B Glove-box MBraun MB200B Glove-box
    custom-built to house our unique automated workflow
  • Mettler FlexiWeigh Mettler Toledo FlexiWeigh
    a weighing station designed to dose solids accurately and rapidly
  • Mettler MiniMapper Mettler Toledo MiniMapper
    reaction station where our reaction designs are tested experimentally
  • CatScI Laboratory CatScI Laboratory
    a state-of-the-art research environment
  • CatScI Ltd CatScI Ltd
    expertise in catalysed reactions and other complex chemical processes

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